• Smart-Dabb

    We proudly introduce the world's first and only electric dabbing nail. The Smart-Dabb. Throw away the torch, and get ready to taste the flavor of your favorite herbal wax. Dabb indoors without concern over carbon monoxide poisoning from torches or burning your friends. Plug-in the Smart-Dabb and you're ready to Dabb in less than 2 minutes. .

  • Straight Sided Glass Dome

    Our straight sided glass dome is handmade. We start with the highest quality German borosilicate glass. They are then cut to the proper length and fire polished. After the annealing process, each part is inspected for workmanship and proper fit.

  • FXU Vaporizing Chamber

    The FXU vaporizing chamber is unlike any product on the market today. It creates an all stainless steel vaporizing chamber directly below the heater. Our unique vaporizing chamber illuminates hotspots on the herbs which leads to combustion!

  • FXU Advanced Herbal Vaporizer

    The most versatile herbal vaporizer in the world. There are so many features built-in to the FXU vaporizer! From vaporizing herbs to a night light, the FXU can do it all… The only herbal vaporizer that places the herbs below the source of heat. This feature keeps your herbs from drying out.

  • Smart-Dabb digitally Controlled Electric Nail

    Beautifully stylish and amazingly easy-to-use, the Smart-Dabb digitally controlled electric titanium nail is without question the most technology advanced dabbing product made. You can adjust the temperature of the titanium nail from 700° to 950°. Set automatic shutoff times and set automatic turn on times.



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