• Smart-Dabb

    We proudly introduce the world's first and only electric dabbing nail. The Smart-Dabb. Throw away the torch, and get ready to taste the flavor of your favorite herbal wax. Dabb indoors without concern over carbon monoxide poisoning from torches or burning your friends. Plug-in the Smart-Dabb and you're ready to Dabb in less than 2 minutes. .

  • Go Digital

    Introducing the most technically advanced dabbing tool on the market today the Smart-Dab Electric Nail. The world's first and only digitally controlled electric titanium nail. There is no need to heat up the nail using propane torch or any other type of open flame. When an open flame's is used to heat titanium, it can leave a chemical residue on the nail itself which can be tasted when wax is vaporized on that nail. In most cases you never actually get to taste the wax itself.

  • J-710 Adjustable Coil Heater System

    The Smart Dabb J-710 Heater Coil system uses the most advanced manufacturing techniques and the highest quality materials to build our coil heating system. We offer nails in both quartz and grade 2 titanium designed specifically to work with the Smart Dabb J-710 Coil.

  • Dabb Tainers

    Our Dabb Tainer containers are made using food grade silicone. Our unique containers were designed to be the premier concentrate container in the industry. Dabb-Tainers are designed to snap open and snap closed. Dabb-Tainers are the only silicone containers available in the world that were designed for concentrates and have two separate sealing areas.

  • Smart-Dabb digitally Controlled Electric Nail

    Beautifully stylish and amazingly easy-to-use, the Smart-Dabb digitally controlled electric titanium nail is without question the most technology advanced dabbing product made. You can adjust the temperature of the titanium nail from 700° to 950°. Set automatic shutoff times and set automatic turn on times.